Friday, September 28, 2012

Bonjour! I am back possums!

Oh lovelies, it was WONDERFUL! Fast but wonderful. 2 days in London which was sparkling clean thanks to the Olympics (but full of Londoners that seemed simply "over it " with tourists) and then on to the wonderful Paris!!!!

Oh Paris, my heart is yours!  I have to run off to work, so this is just a really quick post and I will leave you with a snippet of the first few days in London.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What to Pack for Paris


A major source of stress for me this week has been around packing for my Paris trip.
I have been told and read so frequently that I must dress / look a certain way otherwise I will hate myself, feel like a slob and therefore miserable, French people will not view me favourably or  I run the risk of looking like a tourist. I have also been told that I must forget the notion of buying anything to wear as Paris women - ALL Paris women are thin and therefore the French do not make size 14. But I must wear black, high heel and don't forget my accessories. 

So I have found myself this week researching like crazy what to wear. OMG! If I am to believe everything i have read then I am doubtful they will grant me a visa based on my bum size! What if they search my bag and my ensembles don't stack up? Just say my shoes are too, well too casual? 
Will I have to walk the runway of shame? Surely not? 

I actually started putting my stuff together in a way that was not about my comfort but about appeasing "French eyes". I had just about resigned myself to accept that I probably will feel bad about my looks.

Then I read this and it made me think of an article I read recently by an Australian Comedian who spoke about how she longed to go the Paris, went there, compared herself to all the stunning French women and felt terrible the whole trip and how now she looks back and could kick herself for not just enjoying the moment and not worrying about how she looked. Things began to make PERFECT sense then and there.

So yeah, I am not going to postpone my life until I lose weight,  get the right skirt, hair cut, etc - I am going to pack clothes that reflect my style, my comfort and go over to Paris and sample the culture as ME. I will be a tourist. I will be size 14. I won't look Parisian - because I am Melbournian and that's good right?  I won't be wearing high heels because I will be walking km's and km's.  I will accessorise, because I always do. I won't look like a slob because I am not a slob. I will wear black and a bit of colour and drink up all the sights and I will enjoy every minute of it - I won't be thinking of my dress size!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seriously HUGE news!

I know, I  know I have been off the radar completely - I started a new job and there's been life getting in the way of crafting.  But boy do I have news! My divine Mr G is taking me to Paris on Sunday !!!! For a week!!!  Next Week!    I am the luckiest wife EVER! Mr G has his parents coming over from Perth to look after the kidlets- if you are not from Australia please know that is a LONG way to travel for a babysitting gig.

Can you believe it. And you know what? I am going to Knit in Paris.
Maybe it will start a thing " Miss Prudence knits around the world" ...Yeah I am loving the sound of that. 

Seriously, well actually I am serious about knitting in Paris, but I sooooo excited as I never travelled beyond Bali, Fiji or Vanuatu - Australia's backyard really.

So now I am destine for Europe! First stop London, then catch the train - the VERY FAST train to Paris and swan around for a week!  

I will try and post from there if I can until then lovely bloggers Au revoir!