Saturday, August 11, 2012

When the postman rings or My blogger crush

Ahhh don't we all LOVE when the postman delivers us a parcel, especially when we know that it contains handcrafted goodness?! Mmmm.  I order quite a bit from fellow crafters, I am a regular shopper with "" buying many of my gifts from crafters around the globe. But it doesn't always work out well you know. Once I bought a crocheted cushion and apart from being badly made, it wreaked of cigarette smoke - our dog has this cushion.  Then there were the necklaces crafted from vintage beads - ahem, 1997 vintage and well let's just say the crafter was an excellent photographer than she was a crafter and identifier of vintage wares..Other buys are simply divine like necklaces from Lauren on, so I guess you win some and you lose some,  I just don't get too upset and I chalk it up to experience and know that you have supported a self employed crafter.

Yesterday I got one of those Postie delights delivered to me! It was a parcel beautifully wrapped with a psonal, handwritten note and a nice little extra treat for me!  Lovely!! One thing I do love about buying from many crafters, is the little packaging ways that tell you your purchase is truly appreciated, you are a worthy customer and that the seller is as divine as their wares.  Yesterday I got one of those Postie delights delivered to me! It was a parcel beautifully wrapped with a personal, handwritten note and a nice little extra treat for me!  Lovely!!  My order was from one such caring lovely seller, our very own Queenly crafter, the delightful, the wonderful, the so very clever, kind and gorgeous Cam of Curly Pops.

Many of you might visit her wonderful bright and happy blog often, but have you ever checked out her wares?  Cam is not doing too many markets these days but runs her online shop where you can buy her original and very comedic designs such as the "Edna" glasses case, I love this soooo much I could wet my pants!!!  Cam not only creates amazing pieces : the bags, the cases etc - she actually designs the fabric patterns!!! She surely is Super Pops!

Another wonderful thing about this lovely blogger and her business is that both her blog and her business truly run to the same ethos.  Cam sells a few items such as "You Sew Girl"'s amazing patterns that have everyone screaming delight about, but she only stocks the stuff she KNOWS is ace. Cam promotes other Aussie bloggers with generosity, her support to new crafter and bloggers is endless and is always hosting fun events like sew alongs.

As you can tell, I am probably going to announce my candacy for President of the Super Pops fan club - when I do I may even get to meet her in reality!  OK I did once, years ago, but I went all stupid and mumbled and stumbled off leaving her to ponder what a ding bat I was ( or at least she should of).
So if you haven't met Cam or had the Curly Pops experience get yourself over to visit her blog now!! I think Cam is having a sale too, so lots of lovelies to have at wonder prices!!! Yay!!!


Miss Muggins said...

What a wonderful post. I am also a member of the superpops fan club!

CurlyPops said...

Oh my goodness I'm totally blushing right now!
Thankyou for such a lovely post. I'm so grateful that I discovered the world of crafty blogs. It's such an amazing place filled with the most brilliant and generous peeps. Thankyou so much for supporting my little handmade business. It means the world to me!

Carmel Morris said...

I'm a fan of Miss Curlypops too. :)

Merry-Go-Round Handmade said...

A lovely post!
I'm already a 'superpops fan'!
It's great to receive a wonderful handmade item but as a seller it's so nice to get lovely feedback.It's always well appreciated.

yardage girl said...

Yep, I'm a signed up fan too ~ Cam rocks!

Bron said...

Yay a skirt go for it and make sure you model your creation xxx Cam is very creative indeed. x

Leonie said...

I'm a huge fan of both Curlypops and You Sew Girl. Now that Cam is selling Nikki's products you just can't go wrong. A one stop shop.

hester said...

I think snail mail is vastly underated. The only thing better than a handwritten letter is a parcel containing a handwritten note and a pressie for one's self. Let's start a campaign for more snail mail!