Saturday, August 4, 2012

A bit more Up-cycling

We are currently doing a declutter / makeover on "the cave" aka the rumpus room under the house. 
It was a daggy, cluttered old room that the kids play Xbox in. We recently stripped it out, laid some carpet, bought a new couch from IKEA and bang! Nice spacious area for kidlets to hang out in.

Miss M has confiscated an area to play her Barbies and do her craft, so of course we needed to decorate a crafting area!

We had this old IKEA table from ages ago, knocked about and thrown under the house.

Up Cycle time!

Found some clear plastic, my trusty old staple gun (as an ex window dresser I have never not had one in 25 years!) and some fabric from the stash.  Would you look at that, old IKEA fabric too! 

Cover table. Now here is my tip on covering. Always start in the middle of the edge you are stapling as that allows you to get the fabric stretched adequately and rids the surface of wrinkles, then staple out to one corner and then from the centre to the other corner. 
Oh and use hospital corner style folds and trim away excess.

Voila! A new craft table for Miss M. A few hours later I was told it works very well!
Cost ? $3.25 for the plastic! Yay!


Love Sundays said...

Kids area looks great, and love the table idea, will keep that in mind. Got to love Ikea Fabric, plenty of it in our house too!

Miss Muggins said...

Love it! You sure are a whiz with a staple gun!!!!!

'Joyce' said...

oh how wonderful. I love it. That is going to be a well used little niche for sure.

Karen said...

It's great when they can have their own crafting area, looks like a great spot. I'm sure many masterpieces will come from that little table.

Bron said...

Nothing more satisfying than giving something new life for a great purpose.

Catherine said...

What a great makeover for an old table. I bet it's going to be the new fun spot to hang out now:) xx

TACIStudio said...

Looks great !, thank for joining my blog ... Love seeing some of your work! Great job on the table... I'm sure your little girl loved it :)

TACIStudio said...

Thank you so much for joining my site last week... I love your work! I'm sure your little girl loves the table :)