Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tea for Tupper

Well the weekend flew past!  I hosted the quintessential homemaker gathering on Saturday : the "Tupperware Party"... After all these years I am still getting sucked into booking a party so my friend can get her desired gift. Ugh! Anyway,  lemons into lemonade and all that jazz, so I prevailed upon my list of friends and managed to wrangle 4 (including the pal whose party I got stung at - like she was going to get away with not coming!)...apparently most of my friends are more savvy at getting out of tupperware parties than me!

So I did make lemonade - pink lemonade!  I also broke out the vintage tea ware and copious bottles of champers (i had to bribe with cake and bubbles to get attendance) and baked up a storm on Saturday only after I took kid #3 to basketball and madly cleaned the house. Sweating and stressing, no breakie, no coffee, no lunch but by 2.30pm voila! A lovely afternoon tea a was spread upon the table. Gorgeous!

So finally I wrangled further and got my friends to sit and listen to the lovely Tupperlady and then I collapsed into a chair. Ahhhhh, I mentally patted myself on the back for arriving well - what a woman! No sleep, but the house is sparkling, all kids attended sporting events and I have provided a QEII worthy spread for my pals. I justly rewarded myself with a champers and orange. Thing was I was thirsty because I didn't drink or eat anything - better top up and grab a bocincini canapé ( so darn easy: just thread a cherry tomato, basil leaf and boccincini cheese ball onto toothpick - done!).....Hey, I feel great! Just one more top up - ahhhhh...

So bloggers, I imagine you have spotted the potential problem here. You are so much wiser and cleverer than me for I did not. I was basking in the glow of champers hitting a very empty tummy that was provided the champers no barrier what so ever for the champers to go directly into the blood stream.  Now I no prude, but neither am I a lush (oh those days are well and truly gone ) - but guess who got way tooooo tipsy at her own Tupperware party! Oh Miss Prudence! So embarrassing!

Furthermore, punishment was swift. I was sick ALL night and became vulnerable to the "gastro bug" that happened to be walking past my house that day...ah huh, that's right Sunday was dual hangover and gastro. Monday was gastro Monday and today is Feeling Shattered Tuesday.  I now hate champagne and probably unfairly, hate Tupperware - merely due to association. Can't go near the tupperware cupboard without dry reaching.

So in light of this appalling event may I remind you all to always, always, ALWAYS eat and ensure you are hydrated BEFORE you host a party and know that topping up "orange and champagne" means you top up drink with both orange and champagne - just relying on champagne can only lead to no good. Thankfully it was my best pals who also topped with champers and were in a similar state - Mr G was there to organise the proceedings "closed" and everyone got off well and safe....Bless you Mr G!


Just Martha said...

Oh dear! Poor you after so much effort! It looked so divine.Clever you! Bit of bad luck with the dreaded gastro. No more Tupperware for you. Luckily. Don't forget to enter my giveaway. Odds of winning are pretty good so far and it is due to be drawn soon! Mx

hester said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Miss Prudence, but this post made me laugh out loud. Poor you! How awful but you make it sound so funny. I knew there was a reason I didn't host Tupperware parties (apart from the fact I can rarely afford to buy any of the lovely stuff)

Unknown said...

Poor you!!
I must agree with hester you make your downfall sound quite funny...I guess though it's got to be one of those stories that sound funny after the event but at the time...not so funny! oooh your afternoon tea looks really yummy!