Saturday, June 23, 2012

What to do in the School Holidays

Amy over at Mahlimoo, Me and Three is asking what people have planned for the school holidays. Amy has little people and has planned a wonderful list of stuff to do that brings back a whole heap of great memories for me. But sadly, even though my brood still need supervision, they are too big for archaeological digs in the sandpit (which is no longer more) and great stuff like that.

So Amy's question got me thinking. What are we going to do?  These holidays are now gold - before I know it they will be sloths sleeping off big nights out and working. I need to make these days count and try and plan activities that we will all really enjoy and fits in with the fact that I will be working.

So what comes to mind for my 13, 11 and 8 year olds are

1. Basketball clinics - they all are pretty committed to the sport and there are some great holiday clinics locally

2. Cooking - letting them go loose in the kitchen without me in control. Angus is taking food tech ( remember we called it home ec) and is keen to duplicate his learnings at home. Miss M is a whizz on cupcakes and all of them can understand a recipe. So I will let them have a go solo.

3. Swimming

4. Bushwalk

5. Sewing / Art days - the Tullster and Miss M are mad on making softies at the moment and Ango is a budding artist. So declaring a day for creative pursuits may just capture their attention.

6. Earn yourself some big bucks day. Not to be confused with exploitation - I will be offering good pay for jobs I hate e.g. cleaning windows, weeding, cleaning out wardrobes etc.  My kids will fall for this totally!

7. A day in the city - Fed Square, ACME exhibitions, park wanders, aquarium.  Catch the train in.

8. Holiday faithfuls ; bowling, movies

9. A day trip to regional Victoria

10. Play dates with mates, probably a heap of sleep overs here (we are the go to house)

But after this I am a bit stumped, too wet and cold to camp, go to the beach, I have no time to take kids away.....So what are you doing with / for your kids in the upcoming holidays?


Bron said...

Thanks for the prompt...we have school holidays in two weeks....I just like to chill but a little something else is needed....will give it some thought.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that things are going well for you. Very brave to do the job change, I did it years ago and have never looked back!

This is a nice blog I follow.......has some good ideas you can use and adapt for the kids. I saw the marble run and thought how wonderful for the kids to get their mates together, put the challenge out, who can make the most elaborate and longest marble run!

Hope you survive the holidays, ours don't start for another 11 days!

Miss Fifi

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to mention something else......I found a great shop in Melbourne, Harvest Textiles

They run workshops for kids, have seen one they did on screen printing I think.....just a's great to find such neat shops......pity they are on the wrong side of the country for me......but may be good for you.

Miss Fifi

Catherine said...

I think you've got a great list there covering lots of things for your children to do. Sometimes we have movie days at home where we make popcorn and watch movies in the dark lounge room, always a favourite here. Thanks for some other great ideas too. x