Monday, June 18, 2012

School Camp - do don't forget to pack your...

Vigon and Kathwaroon playing chess
Image borrowed from here

The Tullster is off to school camp today. He has been packed for over a week.
He has a new suitcase (swanky with rainbow stripes, wheels and indestructible outside - I hope).
He packed himself. He is a good packer having packed independently and get's right.
Mr G urged me not to go through his bag last night, reminding me of his past triumphs in packing.

This morning, just in case, I went through a few things : got your toothbrush? Yes.
Got your scarf?  Yes
Packed enough undies " Of course.
Shampoo? I don't plan on showering, oh maybe once.
Got a hat? Yeah, my Fez.
Your Fez?????

What can I say. The kid has style!

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