Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just a little thank you

My kids had their Mother's Day stall recently and I made heaps of fabric brooches. I did this last year too and I am a little more than flattered to say the feedback I got indicated they were a big hit and this year once work got out they were back on the stall some mum's even confessed hinting to their kids to get one!!  So I am reasonably confident that few dozen mum's were happy! I did suggest to my kids that it would be fine not to get me one! LOL

Well I made a few more and am sending them to some lovely bloggy friends that have given me much support in the recent weeks. This one went out this week


Bron said...

And it found it's way to a very lucky home and has been out on parade and had lots of compliments. xxxxx

Just Martha said...

I've been thinking of you . Tweenie/Teenie have been sick for weeks. Think they are finally well. How is life between careers? Are you still studying and can spend your time doing that or is it finding a new job lickety split? Put what you want out there, say exactly what you want. You know " 3 days per week, local...." that sort of think and it will find you!!

Teegan said...

I haven't checked in here for ages! Your brooches are gorgeous so I can see why they were so popular! I have just quickly read a few posts and I myself was very motivated by them. I hope you continue to keep up with your plan and that you keep feeling better. You're so honest with what you write and I'm sure it also helps others who are reading it. I know it helps me!

Miss Muggins said...

That is a very pretty brooch, love the stamped card too!!!
I think your blog is looking very lovely.