Friday, June 22, 2012

Being thankful, I mean it this time

saying yes to the universe

It is 10am and I am in bed still, I decided to stay here all day as I have the lurgy and I want the lurgy to go before Monday. Monday when I start my new job.  As I snuggled down, pillows aplenty, Pride and Prejudice on the DVD player, I realised how very, very, very, very lucky I am.

I am lucky that I can stay in bed today, yet I moan I am "dying" when I am not.

I am so very lucky that I so much choice in life, yet I complain I am bored.

I am so lucky that I do not have to worry where my next meal is coming from, that my kids need shoes and I cannot afford them.  

Ilive in abundance. I live surrounded by love and good fortune.

I have my health and yet I take it for granted.

I live in a beautiful country, yet I feel resentful I have not been to Europe.

I live in a house that may not be by the sea, may not be big and airy, may not have high ceilings - but it nice nonetheless, is safe, is warm and is full of life. It is a home.

I could go on longer and write a loooooong list of my failures to be grateful, my apparent blindness but I won't. I will however spend more time on thinking about this.....Do take things for granted? Have you opened your eyes to what goodness is right under your nose?  How has this changed your lifestyle?


Just Martha said...

Wow, that must be some cough syrup you are on! Hehe. It is good to be grateful. I read Sarah Ban Brethnach Simple Abundance. Keeps me level. My joy is to sit outside for 20 minutes and just "be". Good luck with the dreaded lurgy. keep your fluids your fluids up okay?

CurlyPops said...

I try not to ever take anything for granted anymore. No matter what happens, there are so many things that I'm thankful for!