Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Treasures

Every now and then my Mother In Law : Beany, sends us a post pack.
It is always received with excitement by all of us because it will inevitably be packed with interesting treasure! Sometimes there will be fossils, sometimes old coins or bank notes, sometimes family heir looms or just treasure she has procured from the Op shop in which she works.

Recently this little guy arrived in a package. These koalas were around a lot when I was growing up, made of kangaroo fur (yes the real stuff), souvineer shops were stuffed with them. I had 2 when I was little but they disappeared as things often do as you grow up. They seemed to have almost disappeared completely in the 1980's in favour of plush toys made of man made fibres, I guess that is good.

This little guy is a bit special though. See the little key in his back? It turns, winds up
and he plays the tune of "Waltzing Matilda" an Australian classic song, often dubbed as the unofficial 
Australian anthem - it is actually about a sheep thief! Good grief, isn't it bad enough Australia started as a penal colony!!! Anyhoo, he is a sweet little fellow and is a welcome addition to our collection of collections! Thanks Beany xx


Little Gumnut said...

wow, i had no idea they used to make them with kangaroo fur!

Bron said...

Oh you have prompted me to go and look for mine in a box somewhere....no music on mine though and the fur is a little thin in places too.