Friday, May 11, 2012

The things I am loving...

I haven't  linked in with  Paisley Jade for such a long time now. 
I have been feeling a bit, you know detached, lost, blue.

But I am on the up now....and here are a few things that I am loving at the moment to share with you.

Tully opening up one of his birthday presents this week

Banana bread in a new polka dot baker

Crazy HUGE marshmallows. Those Americans sure know how to make a marshmallow!

The goodie bags I put together for a Women's Health Day I facilitated at work recently.
I stamped up the bags, decorated plain note paper and made fabric brooches for each woman
attending. We also popped in choccies and samples of creams etc generously supplied from our
local chemist.

I am loving that my girl has joined basketball.
Recently she gave up ballet after being picked on for being
too fat.  Miss M is now a valued "tall" player that can tear
around the court with vim and speed.

It is a totally different feeling being part of a team and she is loving it.

These are just a few things that I am loving and giving me reason to keep my head up and
my eyes fixed forward. I feel so very grateful and blessed.


PaisleyJade said...

Awesome list - and wow, those marshmallows are massive! Your girls is beautiful and good on her for giving basketball a go!! I too was in a basketball team after not quite fitting into gymnastics with my body shape. She'll be an awesome player!

Catherine said...

I'm loving your list this week lovely lady. Tully looks like one happy birthday boy opening presents and woo hoo to Martha I'm so glad she's found something that makes her happy and where she is appreciated. Have a very happy Mother's day. xx

Bron said...

What a star your girl is...she will be a valued player for sure.....
Hope you have a nice big stick and fire to melt those marshmallows on..mmmmmm