Monday, May 7, 2012

Some mornings

I find small reminders that things are good. Miss M left this
message for me in on my bedroom window. It says "days are happy".
So off I went to my kitchen, yes I thought days are happy.

I made my self and Mr G breakfast. Organic muesli and banana. "oh no banana for me" 
says Mr G. OK. I turn to get my coffee, I stop to thank Miss M for my message.

I turn back,  I had only been gone for a minute and I find this is all that is left of my breakfast.
Mr G ate my muesli AND his muesli!

Mildly surprised at his own vagueness his defends himself with "you know I was sure I 
said no to banana"!!!! I guarded my coffee that "happy" day!

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'Joyce' said...

Hullo Miss Prudence, oh dear, I hope you got yourself some more breakie. lol. I am giggling at the thought of the shock on your face when you turn back to see empty plates. I have also read back on a few of your recent posts in the attempts to catch up, and I do hope you are being gentle on you and looking after yourself. Take care, you are in my thoughts, and I am so looking forward to catching up with you soon. Oh and your beautiful crochet flowers for mothers day brooches are going to be a huge hit. Wish your kids went to my kids school. lol. xx