Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little randomness

I need a holiday, to get right away.

I really hate cooking at the moment.

My garden is a mess and I don't care

I am desperate to get my new boot off lay by

We have almost run out of real coffee this morning and I will not feel bad if I get the last cup over Mr G

My husband has written 2 books and I have read neither. I don't feel mean. 

I feel guilty that I don't feel mean and that I will happily take the last coffee.

I might exercise today.

I got the cup of  instant coffee and secretly planned revenge.

 I am irritated that my 13 year has Face Book and now there is another "thing" I have to monitor.

I was thinking about buying a new bike but bought Elk jewellery instead.

I finished several unfinished projects last weekend.

I won't finish any projects this weekend as sport and birthday parties with take precedence.

I have gone off sushi. I never thought this could happen.


Miss Fifi said...

Sounds very normal to me! I have decided that if exhaustion was an olympic sport, I would be a double gold medalist.......if that makes you feel any better!

Catherine said...

Oh sweetie it sounds like you need to go for a drive somewhere nice and quiet, have a picnic with your family and enjoy the fresh air and peace of the country. I did it last weekend, it was so nice to not have that busy feeling in your mind.

Oh no not facebook! That space would worry me too:(

Take care email if you want a chat. xx