Saturday, May 19, 2012

A little bit of this and little bit of that....

I just thought I would share a few things that have made me smile big in the last few months. I hope you like them too.

Tully took up basketball last year, his first team sport ever. Tully, the sweetest guy with very artistic talents is somewhat sensitive about his sporting abilities next to his all round sportsman of a brother.
So it was big that he signed up. Not only did he fall in love with the sport, his team won their Grand Final. This is him on the day. We were all giddy with excitement, it was truly a wonderful day.

I spent Easter in Canberra with my mum, sister and her family. We had brunch at my sister's and her table was laid with this wonderful vintage china. It belonged to our Nana, it was purchased in the 1950's. It felt so good to drink tea from it.

Tully, as you would know if you follow my blog, turned 11 last week. His birthday was a giant cupcake. I have had the tin for ages but had  never used it. I was a great success I felt.

I loved the candles I found for the cake. I was mildly amused to note they came in a pack of 16 Candles if you get the 1980's reference!

 Tully and his friends certainly thought the cake was pretty awesome.  Look at this guy - I just can't believe he is 11.

Tully's fave colours at the moment are Turquoise blue and Orange. So his card and cake matched. I really enjoyed making it for him.

I actually made quite a few cards this past week with Mother's Day and all.

And speaking of Mother's Day. Miss Martha made this wonderful heart shape cake for me. What a little darling she is, so very precious to me.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

All in a Doll's house

Did you have a Dollshouse as a child?  Is there one in your home now? I loved my Doll's House, I played endlessly with it. In fact I recall playing with it on the odd occasion in High School shhhh, don't let any of the cool kids know that!  I guess I got comfort from it. Sadly my Dolls House never made it through the years so my children could play with it.

When my boys were small I used a lovely occasional care centre, small and personal - part of a neighbourhood house. One day the centre was going to get rid of a Dolls House that they no longer needed. I was so excited when it was offered to me. It was a scruffy blue old affair, but big and solid - I had a vision!   It got painted white and has seen both our boys enjoy it, but truly it belongs to Miss M.

Miss M spends hours playing with it and I love taking a peek at what is going on inside!

I love how doilies and flags have been used as innovative decorative pieces throughout the home

Recently I made these little patchwork quilts and matching pillows after Miss M declared the house was in need of a makeover!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The things I am loving...

I haven't  linked in with  Paisley Jade for such a long time now. 
I have been feeling a bit, you know detached, lost, blue.

But I am on the up now....and here are a few things that I am loving at the moment to share with you.

Tully opening up one of his birthday presents this week

Banana bread in a new polka dot baker

Crazy HUGE marshmallows. Those Americans sure know how to make a marshmallow!

The goodie bags I put together for a Women's Health Day I facilitated at work recently.
I stamped up the bags, decorated plain note paper and made fabric brooches for each woman
attending. We also popped in choccies and samples of creams etc generously supplied from our
local chemist.

I am loving that my girl has joined basketball.
Recently she gave up ballet after being picked on for being
too fat.  Miss M is now a valued "tall" player that can tear
around the court with vim and speed.

It is a totally different feeling being part of a team and she is loving it.

These are just a few things that I am loving and giving me reason to keep my head up and
my eyes fixed forward. I feel so very grateful and blessed.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little randomness

I need a holiday, to get right away.

I really hate cooking at the moment.

My garden is a mess and I don't care

I am desperate to get my new boot off lay by

We have almost run out of real coffee this morning and I will not feel bad if I get the last cup over Mr G

My husband has written 2 books and I have read neither. I don't feel mean. 

I feel guilty that I don't feel mean and that I will happily take the last coffee.

I might exercise today.

I got the cup of  instant coffee and secretly planned revenge.

 I am irritated that my 13 year has Face Book and now there is another "thing" I have to monitor.

I was thinking about buying a new bike but bought Elk jewellery instead.

I finished several unfinished projects last weekend.

I won't finish any projects this weekend as sport and birthday parties with take precedence.

I have gone off sushi. I never thought this could happen.

Happy Birthday Tullster

Today this guy turns 11

Hard to believe he was this size just yesterday

Always happy to challenge fashion rules : Bat utility belt and contrasting bag

Always Personable and available to for a chat 

So very Laid back

Never too shy to be Expressive

So Adventurous

and Dashing 


and Strong

But truly he IS Batman shhhh!

A colourful guy

That enjoyed being a fireman too

Then school started and whoosh went time

But You always stay true to yourself,  you are just colourful, whacky, smiley
today as you always have been

And  you will always be my baby boy xxx

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Treasures

Every now and then my Mother In Law : Beany, sends us a post pack.
It is always received with excitement by all of us because it will inevitably be packed with interesting treasure! Sometimes there will be fossils, sometimes old coins or bank notes, sometimes family heir looms or just treasure she has procured from the Op shop in which she works.

Recently this little guy arrived in a package. These koalas were around a lot when I was growing up, made of kangaroo fur (yes the real stuff), souvineer shops were stuffed with them. I had 2 when I was little but they disappeared as things often do as you grow up. They seemed to have almost disappeared completely in the 1980's in favour of plush toys made of man made fibres, I guess that is good.

This little guy is a bit special though. See the little key in his back? It turns, winds up
and he plays the tune of "Waltzing Matilda" an Australian classic song, often dubbed as the unofficial 
Australian anthem - it is actually about a sheep thief! Good grief, isn't it bad enough Australia started as a penal colony!!! Anyhoo, he is a sweet little fellow and is a welcome addition to our collection of collections! Thanks Beany xx

Gifts for a new little one

Gosh it is hard to photograph bunting!!! But I hope you get the drift.

 And a crocheted Babushka mama doll..

Monday, May 7, 2012

Some mornings

I find small reminders that things are good. Miss M left this
message for me in on my bedroom window. It says "days are happy".
So off I went to my kitchen, yes I thought days are happy.

I made my self and Mr G breakfast. Organic muesli and banana. "oh no banana for me" 
says Mr G. OK. I turn to get my coffee, I stop to thank Miss M for my message.

I turn back,  I had only been gone for a minute and I find this is all that is left of my breakfast.
Mr G ate my muesli AND his muesli!

Mildly surprised at his own vagueness his defends himself with "you know I was sure I 
said no to banana"!!!! I guarded my coffee that "happy" day!