Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I say

Term 2 should always start with a full barrel of 

Home baked biscuits! Anzacs, yum!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Red Clogs = happiness on a simple scale

Before I start blogging on about red clogs, I  really want to say thank you, I mean I huge thank you to all the wonderful women who have been generously offering me support, sending me ideas, sharing their own stories, hope, and even presents!!  Most of all  you have given your time and care and by this I feel stronger and loved and worthy . I am humbled and heartened - thank you my friends, you beautiful, beautiful women xxxx

So things have been well, anxious : )
Being sent off for a mamogram and other test you would think wouldn't help.
But  ironically, I tend to lose it over small things and keep super cool on the big stuff.
For example, I had to visit a forensic service the other day at work, realising I had forgotten to bring the correct amount of ID to gain entry I panicked like Henny Penny on the loose. A week later I was face with an incident that could of easily culminated in a serious, serious situation - I was so calm and cool I could of been dubbed "laid back Larry",  My colleagues thought it hilarious.

Ok, the idea of breast cancer DID send me a little crackers one day which saw me lighting up the old cigarettes...but on the day I was fine. I started the day in the most virtuous way I could -
 with a walk, organic muesli (well I thought I should try and embrace virtuous living and a cigarette and coffee might set the day in poor motion and just begged for a karmic slap in the moosh). I packed my knitting up for the waiting room and set off with a positive view on life and with a mission : to not accept any poor result.

Upshot is I do not have cancer and I have to stub those ciggies out for good (don't worry I am not a full on smoker just a weeny that falls on gross crutches when stressed out). BTW Curlz if you read this you have my permission to kick my butt all the way to Frankston.

My anxiety has stabilised a bit. I have walked, slept well, gone to Yoga and most of all paid attention to my breathing. Have you ever realised when you are tensed, scared or anxious you tend to hold your breath? Yep, you do.  I am going to post a bit more about this because breathing is a huge part of managing our bodies in any situation. So, things have improved a bit and that is a good step towards  getting back on track....

So what else had Miss Prudence been doing?

 a bit of knitting

and a lot of loving my new red sweedish clogs - so much joy they give!

Have a lovely week friends and those who are sending their kids back to school, hope you are
on top of things and the week ticks over like clockwork 

xxMiss Prudence