Monday, March 12, 2012

Well I decided to stay in birthday mode a bit longer than the regulation 24hours, it was a long weekend so heck, why not make the most of it!  So on Saturday we all went out shopping in the city areas, had lunch in Lygon Street Carlton and hit Smith St Collingwoods'` Converse shop where our youngest two managed to swindle us for a small fortune's worth of gear....No probs though, I am simply made of money and I love seeing them wear crazy bright sneakers and hey, the 3 hundred basketballs at our house needed the company.

On the way home I purchased yet another treat I buy myself on my birthday because no one else will.

Which meant I could be rightfully selfish and not share

Sunday I we went to Camberwell Market. This Market is well frequented by folk getting rid of their own personal stuff and second hand dealers making a living. It has traditionally been a good market. I was disappointed by the attitude of many dealers, rude and charging outrageous prices. I shunned them all, voted with my feet. I hate being ripped off and I hate rudeness.

But I did pick up a few bargains from people bringing their "garage sale" to the markets like 

A sweet old basket and a crystal bowl, $5 each. In your face 
stuck up woman wanting $50 for a  most similar bowl!
Mr G's Grandmother always put potato salad in a crystal bowl 
on the summer dinner table - I used to like that and now I will too.

Today is Monday and a public holiday here in Victoria. 
It feels like Sunday and it has been oh so lazy - sitting crocheting
getting up only to check the casserole.

This was my lazy extended Birthday weekend. How was your weekend?

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