Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recovery Step 1

Renewal (spring pose) by Andrew Zeutzius

It is Wednesday. First week of step one.

In my line of work, we view the term "Recovery " as something much deeper, stronger that just getting better.  It truly is a journey, an opportunity to really search, examine and make dreams a reality.
It is about taking control of your life, believing you can, knowing you can.

In the coming months I will be embracing this process and sharing it on my blog - don't worry 
I will be mixing it up with craft and domestic offerings to keep it usual. 

I am crocheting a heap of these this year for brooches for the school's mother's day stall. 


Ms Fifi said...

Hey Miss P......enjoying following your thoughts. I sent the anon comment a couple of days ago. For me, my mental health issues, can't be just controlled with exercise, diet and some good old fashioned living. My chemical imbalance requires meds, which I am fine with.....pity my husband wasn't. I find it very difficult that he will use my mental health as something to point at when things aren't good, which has been the past 4 years or so. It has been a convenient source of blame and I find this very frustrating. He discusses it with his colleagues and they come up with solutions for me........which my Dr loves, as he says "Yes I always go and ask an engineer how to handle mental health issues." It's hard when those who are supposed to be closest to you, can't support you in the one thing you need them to. So I find support in friends and my artwork. That has been my saving grace for many a years would be proud of the 3 groupings of origami boats from the past 3 nights. I have seriously gotten into paper cutting over the past few years and have actually made something for you. I will try and see if I can add a picture of it here tomorrow. It's the kind of thing I do, random acts, something to make a stranger smile. I find that sometimes a stranger is the best person to talk to, as not knowing your 'baggage', there is no judgement. Ms Fifi xx

hester said...

Hello Miss Prudence. I have just caught up on your last few posts. By a weird coincidence I have been having a break from blogging for a couple of months as have been battling with my own anxiety issues after a tough year of medical dramas etc. Sorry to hear you have been feeling so awful and think your recovery plan sounds great. Like you, I have managed my anxiety pretty well the last few years (after a nasty dose of PND in 2006) with meditation, mindfulness and identifying my negative thought patterns but once I tip into the physical symptoms, I know I need a bit of help from the old seratonin uptake pills and am starting to feel much more like myself after a few weeks on medication. That awful feeling of dread is very unpleasant, isn't it? My husband and I think anxiety/depression is getting more common because the poor old world just seems to be going a bit crazy and we don't seem to have time to slow down and enjoy the simple things of life anymore. I hope you are feeling calmer and enjoying smelling the roses this week. Take care, lovely Miss Prudence.

trixi said...

Hi Miss P...I've been reading over your last few posts...a few thoughts...most of our anxieties probably go back to when we were children or teenagers, we dealt then with situations the best and only way we could at the time and often as adults when we find ourselves in similar situations we react the same way we did when we were younger...perhaps the best way to deal with anxieties is to face them (and probably the hardest) and to actually delve into the reasons you are responding in a certain way...when you distract yourself or hide from your anxieties you give them strength...well this is one opinion any way... simplified a little! Enjoy your Sunday