Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A lovely award

Aren't awards lovely? I have been very flattered to get 2 awards this year, one from Bron at Taylor Made - which unfortunately came at a time where I just didn't have time to honour it in a timely manner. Bron - I totally appreciated that award and it made me feel very good : )  And today one from the lovely Catherine. Thank you both my friends for thinking of me. xx

* colour - red, green and blue - what the heck, I love all colours but seem to wear a lot of black!
* animal - Harry the crazy caboodle, Syd the rabbit
* non- alcoholic drink - tea, coffee, chai, pepsi max, ginger beer
* facebook or twitter - Facebook
* getting or giving presents - love to give, wrap and choose
* flower - pretty much all flower, but especially white roses
* pattern - polka dots!
* passion - craft, social justice and my kids
* number - 9

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