Friday, March 16, 2012

13 part II

Our Ango woke up yesterday a teen. He is so very happy to be a teen. Being a teen means many new things, most notably is when one starts to make independent choices.  Our teen will take me out to "choose" his birthday gift rather than have me or his Dad surprise him.  Okay i can live with this, kind of!

So Angus woke up to gifts and him being my very own "wild thing" - a "Where the Wild Things Are" inspired cake and a huge happy birthday banner. Being a teen now, mature and all that, he humoured me and played along! I guess some surprise presses helped too!

There is always a critic!  Likenesses were examined and I am pleased to 
report that my cake passed inspection and deemed worthy of its very famous book
that is sacred text in our home! So not bad for a cake made at midnight!


Bron said...


trixi said...

Happy Birthday Angus...I LOVE that cake

Miss Muggins said...

That is one ripper cake!