Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random - ness post

Mr G is on an "over nighter" business trip, in NZ would you believe?

Today I was sick with a flu-ey thing. So was Ango and so was Miss M. We stayed home while the other two went to NZ and school. We healed together. Well we were at home together.

My nails are long. For the first time in my life I have long, hard, healthy nails. Why did this take so long to achieve? Yay something off my bucket list.

I over ate BIG time today. I feel no guilt. This is strange.

I went to the chemist today to get various things for the sickies. I only did this so I could detour to the Wool Shop next to the chemist. I added to my stash.

I also bought chocolate from the newsagents. I don't buy things from the milk bar, the proprietor is simply too rude to deserve my business. The newsagent is nice. I feel very close to the lady in the wool shop.

Tonights muffins are chia seed and mixed berries.

My children really helped out tonight to get ready for the next day. When I returned to my armchair one of them had left me a large glass of water to sip on whilst I watched my movie.  It feels good to be loved and considered.

We watched Up earlier tonight. It always makes me cry. I love Up, Mr H looks like my Dad. Watching up makes me feel sad and lonely for my mum whom he left behind.

I have pantry moths.

Finally we have some cool weather.

It feels good to crochet again.

I wonder when I will go nuts on knitting again.

Should I change my blog title? It feels kind of fraudulent these days, i hardly knit.

I should knit more.

I don't feel tired. I should. I have been awake since 2am. But I have been slothing in bed, with A and M watching Harry Potter. Hope I sleep better tonight. No coughing.

I am watching New Beginnings. Bit slow. Mr G would hate this. Glad he is not here heckling the movie.

I am going to stop being random now. Goodnight


Just Martha said...

I l-o-v-e the randoms! Hope u get better soon but sounds like u r getting lots of TLC.

Bron said...

Oh I hope you are feeling so much better soon...It is sometimes nice to do things you wouldn't normally do when you are not feeling well.
Take care. x

hester said...

I loved this random post. Such a sneaky peak at your life. Your children sound really beautiful.

Miss Muggins said...

Love a bit of randomness. A few insights into how your mind and life work! Sounds like an amazing way to spend a day, well or not!