Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally i can show you

And I am back again. My computer has been in the shop and I couldn't blog.
I didn't like that very much, especially when I have things to show!

 Miss M made these lovely pencil holders, one will take pride of place
on my desk at work next week

I am making my first quilt, well second really I made a lovely one 
for Miss M's cot many years ago, in fact she still sleeps with it. This one
is a basic square patch, and I am using up just scraps from previous projects.
It really is hard work though, trying to get the squares to match up, I am surprised to find this.
Any tips on making this quilt less labour intensive will be most appreciate!


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

I've always loved the look of the basic square patch quilts - so cosy, so homely. Yours is looking just lovely! Sorry - no tips as I've never really quilted before.

Bron said...

Lets just say it adds to the charm not all lining up...well it has worked fro me all these years ! LOL

trixi said...

Hi Miss P,
Your quilt looks great! I love square patch quilts .... actually they are the only quilts I have ever made.
Miss M did a great job with those pencil holders... lucky you!

Amy said...

Love the fabric you have used for the quilt and the pencil tins are ace!

Tips for getting the squares to line up? I found that if I made sure all the seam allowances were 1/4 inch exactly things seemed to come together nicely. That includes ironing every single seam too. But my quilts are never perfect so don't take my word for it :-P

hester said...

Hi Miss Prudence.

I don't think it matters if the squares don't match up as it just makes it look handmade and special! But.... I learnt what the big tip is when I did my beginner's class. Rather than start at one end of the seam and sew merrily until you get to the other end.... when you sew the rows together, pin the two sides together first, by pinning where you want the seams to match and then take each pin out as you go along. Does that make sense? You end up with a pin on each side of where each square joins on to its neighbour. Anyway...don't stress over seams. Just enjoy the sewing and your lovely quilt.