Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby it's hot outside

Oh the heat, I just couldn't take it and due to my increased days at work (3-4), I couldn't get out of the kitchen!  You see if I do not make at least three meals for the freezer or fridge, I am sunk. My whole system is thrown into chaos, please don't make share how I know this I simply haven't got the emotional fortitude to revisit that trauma!

It has been super super hot here on the tail end of summer, stinking hot. But you get that in this country, it is hot, bloody hot. Doesn't it make you wonder why we even bother raising it when we know this....ahh people are funny aren't we.

So how has your weekend been? We have been in this a LOT

Then when we finally dried off we hit the cafes of Carlton and here I will seize your captive audience to show off my gorgeous kids!

Mr G and I recently took in a bit of theatre and saw this and it was amazing!

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

In addition to this we have been attending Scouting Events for Founders Day, basketball games and catching up with mates. Running at full capacity but still kicking back in the evenings, just the way we like it. I will leave you lovely bloggers with a bit of baking and making and say ta ta, see you soon, yes i will!

Miss P

Pumpkin, pineapple and shredded coconut wholemeal muffins...will post the recipe
if anyone wishes so!

a new cushion cover on the way


Bron said...

Oh I can sympathize with the heat...hope it passes soon...but looks like you have found some great ways to stay cool.

trixi said...

It would seem melbourne has been so much hotter than sydney...looks like you are all coping pretty ok...mmm those muffins look GOOD