Friday, January 13, 2012

So much to say!

Hello lovely bloggers, we have been "summer loving" and getting away from it all. We have been so very very busy having fun and I have so much to tell and show you all that I hardly know where to begin. So I shall start with a Wedding.

Very very early in the year we went to a beautiful wedding. The Bride is Japanese and the Groom a local Melbourne lad, they tied the knot in a beautiful yet simple ceremony just outside of Melbourne in Yarra Glen. It was at the reception we saw some beautiful Eastern touches that I found utterly divine!

Tables strewn with rose petals

 Delicate blue paper cranes as place markers

 Now this was what I found spectacular

The central tables were marked by an overhead canopy

 with hundreds of paper cranes. These cranes were folded and threaded up
in Japan by the Brides' friends and family members in order for them
to attend her special day in a small way. Touching and stunning all at once.

 Here is Miss Prudence and Mr G. I was delighted to 
get a snap of us together, they are so rare! Finding something
to wear was a huge drama for me as I do not have many 
"going out"frocks. I also didn't want to spend $400 - so being 
my stingy ol' self, I opted for this LBD, added my turquoise glam 
shoes I splurged on last year and some huge turquoise plastic rose jewellery and
it worked ok! I bought the dress from Target (or as my sister likes to call it "House of
Targ├ęt LOL) on sale for $30 a few years back - thinking I probably wouldn't wear it but 
it has come through 5 times since and really looks like an expensive frock and the real bonus is
it fits perfectly! Love a frugal ensemble that pays dividends!

 The food was amazing too. That fork belongs to Mr G, who 
opportunistically taxed my calamari whilst my hands were 
busy with the camera - the scoundrel!

The lamb was perfect too and Mr G  got to enjoy his beef 
and my lamb as I fall for his distracting tricks too easily - double dirty scoundrel!

The day was wonderful and we felt very honoured to witness the special occasion. We wish the
bride and groom a lifetime of happiness together. 


'Joyce' said...

oh how beautiful. You are such a yummy mummy for sure! I so love those paper cranes, I did start making them last year and finished 4. oops. I did have plans to cover our Christmas tree in them, perhaps I can work on that now for this year.

Over Excited Person said...

wow those cranes are amazing, so beautiful!