Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Party is Over girlfriend!

January has been such a lazy time for me, we I we have been enjoying balmy evenings by our pool and have most certainly partaken in a few sherbs to cool the blood....As you might not know Miss Prudence is partial to a sherry or two, maybe a glass of bubbles with the girls in the summer, party time season. But all good things must come to an end....so it is with great pleasure my liver announces that I am doing Feb fast.  That is correct, indeed it is, Miss Prudence is swaying off the sherry for a whole month.

Febfast  is a wonderful opportunity for any "social" creature to get themselves back on track after the festive season that seems to run for months in Australia.  You probably recall that I am a Drug and Alcohol worker and a Mental Health worker so I see the effects of alcohol abuse frequently.  Not pretty. And it is so wide spread in our community, in fact I believe many people have issues with alcohol and do not realise they do, they just see it as "something I do" ...Aussies are BIG binge drinkers, we really need to look how we use alcohol and why we use it.  Anyway, enough with the lectures, watch this and perhaps you might join too or maybe sponsor someone, maybe even sponsor Miss Prudence!

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'Joyce' said...

Oh Miss Prudence, all the very best with your Feb fasting.