Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A day at home

Yesterday we went to the beach, the real beach with waves. I am a Sydney girl originally and when we moved to Melbourne all those years ago I nearly choked at what a pitiful sight it was when I laid eyes on St Kilda beach - I mean really, a beach has waves and vast quantities of sand, golden sand.  St Kilda, no matter how charming it is, is just a sandy bank around a bay...Anyway, we drove an hour and a half and spent the day on a surf beach and loved it. We swam, played beach cricket, we swam, we laid in the sun (with adequate sun protection of course!). We drove home and crashed.

So today was a "lay around the house day"today. And some crafting and cooking was done.

I made some coasters

Cooked some veggie fritters, everyone has their own version and 
below I have shared mine with you.

And something lovely. Our Ballerina apple tree that has been potted for 7 years 
and finally annoyed me so much I stuck it in the front yard and just months 
later we have our very first apples!!!! I am told by the nibbler they are good!

Veggie Fritters 
Miss Prudence

You will need: 

4 egg whites (I use the egg yolks for biscuits)
salt and pepper 
approx 1/2 cup SR flour ( I rarely measure this, just chuck it in)
2 cups of grated veggies ( e.g. zuchinni, carrott, ripped up spinach, beetroot)
a chunk of fetta cheese
oil (I use spray olive oil in my hand pumped bottle) 
Dressing: finely chopped mint, natural yogurt, salt.

Whip the egg whites until peaks are formed.  In another bowl grate veggies, fold in seasoning and flour. Crumble fetta in and then gently fold in egg whites.   Heat oil and drop spoonfuls - just use a dessert spoon. Cook on a medium heat until golden brown on both sides.....Blend mint into natural yogurt. 
Serve with salad and dressing...yum!

Now go bake cookies with the yolks!


Bron said...

Loving those coasters.....xxx

Catherine said...

Sounds blissful! Oh to have beach weather...would settle for it at ANY time of the year!! LOL! Cx

hester said...

Hi Miss Prue! Thanks for dropping by. I was hoping to edit the whining parts from that post before someone read it but too late.

Glad you enjoyed some quality beach time. And I loved your previous post about getting stuch in to the meatier bits of the papers. I have just read Christopher Hitchens memoirs (having always got him confused in the past with Christopher Pyne and Richard Dawkins and not having read a word he had written). I couldn't put it down. He had a fascinating life and although supremely arrogant and rude at times, I couldn't help loving his conviction and honesty.

Are your kids back at school already? Sounds like you are doing a great job of recharging your batteries.

JuRita said...

very cute coasters! thanks for sharing :)

My Beautiful World said...

Sounds like a wonderful few days loving those coasters. Have a great day.

Always Wendy