Sunday, January 15, 2012

20 years since saying "I do"....

I realise I am a little late with this post, things have been go go go and posting in a timely  manner has been an impossibility. But I desperately want to tell you about the 11th January. 
It was a Wednesday and it was our Wedding Anniversary, celebrating 20 years of Marriage!

The week started with a 2 night camping trip with the lovely Ms D from bluebird daydreams and her brood. No sooner did we hit our doorstep, cold tired and soaked, Mr G announced I had to pack an overnight bag, we were off to Daylesford for the night!!! The kids were off to a friend's place (bless her for taking all three).

You see it was our 20th Wedding Anniversary that day and whilst Mr G is a wonderful friend, life partner, father  - he has not got a good track record with celebrating special events, so I wasn't expecting anything at all, let alone what lay ahead!

We arrived at the stunning Lake House hotel for a very decadent evening! Daylesford is a lovely little regional area an hour or two outside Melbourne. 

Mr G thought of everything!  I went to pour out some bubbly when Mr G produced to beautiful Platinum rimmed flutes (from Laura Ashley) explaining 20 years was platinum.  Whilst I was swooning over such a romantic gesture, he whipped out beautiful Wedgewood box containing a stunning white china, lidded box. But, he explained, china was the traditional form of anniversary present.  He covered both!!!!

After snacking on fine cheese and local bubbly (gotta consider that carbon footprint - even if the uptight guy at the deli sniffed and mocked at our wine choice), we wandered around the lake and played with the ducks and geese, laid around the room reading magazines and then it was time to dine.

Dressed up we headed to the dining room. Now bloggers, we are talking serious foodie stuff here, I mean serious stuff here!
Now Mr G has taken me to some very legendary restaurants over the years, but this one took the cake so to speak! I must confess I am not a huge fan of the OTT places where the waiters seem to speak in tongues and have small levels of tolerance for the patrons, but the Lake House managed to keep things in check. The staff were utterly lovely and the food was really exquisite.  They had been worded up that it was our 20th Wedding Anniversary and our dessert plate heralded a chocolate message of congratulations.  Breakfast the next day was divine and truly, I couldn't eat for the rest of the day.

We have been married 20 years, in that time we have lived all over Australia, had many, many challenges, curve balls and just plain old bummers thrown at us. We have also had many exciting times and done some really interesting things together. We have produced 3 beautiful children together. We share a philosophy that has just developed naturally and never needed any really sit down planning or negotiations.  There have also been times when planning was obviously lacking too and in hindsight, I can't believe we made so many dopey decisions!  We laugh together and enjoy being together and share so much together. In fact we do and always have enjoyed a life that is abundant. We are blessed.

We love each other.

I reflect on the past 20 years and I am super glad I am signed up for another 20.

Happy Anniversary Mr G, I love you....



Teegan said...

Congratulations and what a sweet way to celebrate. Some of things you were said were worded so perfectly and I'm glad I can relate. (Although only 11 years in and not actually married).

Bluebird Daydreams said...

To my lovely sweet friends,
Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary. What an achievement! Im so glad I got to share your anniversary breakfast with you! Thank you for re-introducing us to the joys of camping. What a fabulous time we had together. Here's to the next 20 years of adventures!

Taylor Made said...

Happy Anniversary....what a sweetie your hubbie is having all those surprises for you. Great milestone to have achieved.

Catherine said...

Awwwwww! How romantic! Happy happy happy anniversary! To the next 20 years! Cx

Little Gumnut said...

ahhh that's lovely! Happy Anniversary!