Monday, December 5, 2011

Yesterday I found the time to head off to a local nearby market that included 
a few local market farmers. Whilst they didn't carry official organic certification
they stated they didn't use pesticides and their chooks ran around munching on 
natural stuff. One vendor in particular struck me as very honest and was just 
lovely. So I now have a new "green grocer"....Her produce was very reasonable,
$26 for the above loot (the bag is chockers with big brushed spuds) and the gingerbread
also purchased had been eaten hours before photo ; 0

In the making stakes, a few more fabric brooches for gifts, sunny summer rose and daisy.


Deb said...

Good for you! Love local suppliers. :-)

Just Martha said...

Good job. Those brooches are terrific!!! Go you

Trexxann said...

Gorgeous brooches Lynda! Have you got a Pinterest account? There are so many paper and fabric flower tutorials on there, I gather the ones I find and have them on a board. Now I just need to find time to try them all!