Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things that I am loving

Joining in with Paisley Jade to share some things that I am loving this week...
This week I am loving some IKEA goodness.

A serving tray with rainbow birdies $8.99

This star shaped serviette holder for Christmas $3.99

I love these Christmas glasses a steal for $5.99 for a set of 6!

I bought a heap of these little lanterns at $3.99 each. Some I filled with chocolates,
added some fancy ribbon and voila perfect little gift.

Ah we can wok around the kitchen again! Finally I replaced the
dead wok, stir fry veggies were just not the same in the fry pan.


Taylor Made said...

Great shopping trip ....I love the idea of the lanterns filled with goodies for a gift. x

PaisleyJade said...

So many great goodies!! Really hope we get an IKEA in NZ oneday!!

Catherine said...

I love Ikea too. You got lots of lovely Christmassy things. Love those pretty glasses. x