Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not long after Christmas...

We totally chilled out! And it is divine!
Christmas Day was a little wondrous as it was white - with hail.
Never a good thing here in the Southern Hemisphere, where white Christmases 
never occur. We were fortunate, but some poor folk experienced some dreadful damage.

We did experience one  fatality and that was our oven!
Just as I removed the roast from its belly, it gurgled and 
died. RIP Omega /Smeg 2000 - 25/12/2011. Gone but not forgotten.


Yesterday was Boxing Day. I have a strict tradition on Boxing Day.
Prawns and salad and assorted left overs for lunch. I start a new knitting project and
I watch DVD's all afternoon. Yeah!

But today the sun was shining and blue skies a plenty. Off I 
trotted to Bunnings and bought up a heap of seedlings.
Back home I did some potting and pottering around the yard.


I tidied up my deck and it looks lovely.

Martha and her pal played with her new bunnies she got 
for Christmas.

 Martha played in Lady Bug Cottage : her cubby house

I basked in the sun. swept the paths and even jumped on the trampoline.
It was a good day.


Taylor Made said...

Sounds like the perfect way to have spent the day after!

Catherine said...

I like the sound of your day, nice and relaxing. It feels good to unwind after the busy times that were had before Christmas. What a cute little bunny Miss Martha got for Christmas. xx

trixi said...

sounds like you had a perfect day...sunshine, gardening, knitting,dvds...and a new little bunny! lucky you.
...any good dvd recommendations?

Vic said...

Phew... I'm really trying to focus on those hail stones right now... I think I'm melting!