Sunday, December 4, 2011

Inspired by nature

Well actually by nature and by my friend Deb encouragement,  I am making over my pantry. Overall it is not so bad, but it could be better. I have tried to buy organic where possible in the past, but time is the essence and I have so little these days working and shuttling people here and there and organic hunting takes time , organic eating has slipped out the windows completely.

Not really a very good excuse when some organic products are readily available at the local supermarket and for not that much extra.

So changes thus far are pretty basic, flour, sugar and rice cakes - all from Woolworths. Actually i am having a major moral dilemma with Woolworths shopping. Did you know that Woolworths own more poker machines than any other company in Australia?  They also own Dan Murphy's, where you can buy discount grog....I am not sure if a few community grants can really make up for facilitating addictions that wreck lives in the same communities (as you know I am a mental health/ drug and alcohol worker).  Dilemma? I prefer Woolworths to Coles, they always seem to have what I need. Solution! I hear Deb say in my mind's ear..."shopping organic and local will eliminate the need to shop at large supermarkets" - I heard Kate (organic Queen and adventurer) refer to them as the "stupid market"...I guess that dilemma is solved.
Thank you blogging community!

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Catherine said...

Good on you for going organic. I do a bit of my organic shopping at Coles but we have a local shop that I buy the rest from so my shopping trip to the big shops is much quicker now which I like. I haven't done it but you can order your organic produce online and they deliver it to your door, maybe that could be a good and would save you heaps of time too:) x