Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grade 6, it is now all over

Angus with the whole year singing "firefly"

My boy has now finished Grade 6. Primary School is now over for him.
A whole new world of challenges lies ahead for him with High School
firmly in his sites.

Two nights ago our family dressed up and attended a Graduation Ceremony
for the Grade 6 of 2011.

We were so proud, he held himself so well. 
We were even prouder when he was presented the Art Award over all students.
But nothing can describe how we felt when we watched a slide show
displaying photos of each student and their personal description of themselves
and their personal aspirations such as career and travel aspirations.

Our boy summed himself with a statement : Life is a wave, ride it well.

For a kid that was branded with a reputation, had never really enjoyed 
access to natural justice and always seemed to cop an unfair hit at every turn (okay some hits were 
deserved ), it was his way of letting everyone know that 
"watch this space, I'll show you".

You rock my boy, you will ride it well!


Bron said...

This made me smile...what a fantastic moment for you all to share ...a milestone that is so special in your boy's life.

Deb said...

Oh how I love that boy. Give him a big hug from Auntie D. Im so enjoying watching him grow up into one amazing man.

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

I think your son sounds very wise for his age - what a great it! With that sort of attitude, I'm sure he'll be hugely successful in whatever he chooses to do. Take care.

Catherine said...

Congratulations Angus on finishing year 6, may high school be a great experience for you, one where you can shine. Such wise words used by him too, they are so true. xx