Friday, December 23, 2011

the final gifts

The final makes for Christmas and they were for teachers. 
Fabric brooches were happily received

But the bunting (please excuse the appalling photo quality) 
were a huge success with teachers. This one was given to 
a beautiful teacher who taught Tully, she is Harry Potter mad and has HP days in her room that
requires dressing up and lots of room decoration. I made her bunting in brown, crushed purple
velvet, greens and a kind of wizardy pattern.  The other one was in pinks and oranges for a pink 
mad teacher who was also a wonderful role model for my Martha.

Merry Christmas Mrs Kane and Miss Taylor,  you were an asset in 
Martha and Tully's lives this year - we thank you 

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Those teacher gifts are so thoughtful and I think if I was to get any of those gifts I would feel rather chuffed that someone went to so much effort to make something just for me. Lucky teachers:) xx