Sunday, December 11, 2011

Coming to grips it's Christmas

So it is time to get a bit better planned. 

Better consult Nigella! I picked up this book last year at the Border's (RIP) warehouse
for, get this $2!!!!

I crocheted a few granny baubles using Pip's pattern 
that seems to be everywhere including the doyen of women's mags : The Australian
Women's Weekly. Congratulations on your growing media successes Pip! 
How great that I can make some new things for my tree and not just simply 
go out and "buy more stuff".

Today I had to brave the shopping centres.  Our kids received Christmas money 
from Grandparents and just HAD to spend it, it is not a Christmas present if 
it isn't under the tree on Christmas morning.   So after two major shopping centres in 
North / North East Melbourne - Miss prudence needed  a strong sherry, but it was 
too many hours before wine O'clock, so I bought shoes instead.

Look at these platform babies! HMmmm, Mmmm! 

See later to share some Christmas planning!


Catherine said...

What a bargin!! I bought a Nigella cookbook for my Mum for Christmas the other week sadly not a bargain but in our Christmas budget:) The shops are a bit crazy aren't they and I haven't even done the Santa shopping yet ahh. Love those baubles you made, very pretty. x

Taylor Made said...

Sherry or shoe buying not sure which is the better remedy LOL x

JO said...

Wasn't NIgella going to be my Xmas pressie last snagged it, not fair! Hahah

Miss Prudence said...

well you didn't get her - you said you didn't like her! But what about the shoes, the shoes!!!