Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Christmas make

I was reading a post today about ditching from the Christmas list.
You know, when you are trying to get all the trimmings made, on time,
gifts for all, the house looking amazing and basically trying to be Super Mrs Claus. Yeah?
In this post a blogger had decided she would let go of making a Christmas Stocking for her daughter.
After all the daughter was only One and likely not to mind getting when she was two.

Miss M is 8. I had yet to make her "that" stocking I had been meaning to make!
So today I did.


trixi said...

What a beautiful stocking, I love your choice of materials... Miss M is a very lucky girl...looks like you might be super Mrs Claus after all!

Catherine said...

It's gorgeous! Santa's sure to fill it to the top and beyond! Cx

Deb said...

Haha better late than never. Super cute too.

Taylor Made said...

Good for you....it is beautiful...better late than never ..my girl waited 12 years for her first handmade stocking, XXX