Friday, November 18, 2011

To my Boy,

This morning you snuggled with me, I could feel your slight body shaking.
Tears welling in your eyes, you answered my questions if I certain teacher announced to the class that you were going to get the "baddest kid in the school".
You told me not to worry.
 It was a long time ago.
That you were used to it.
 Teachers have always said bad things about you.
To the class.
In front of the class.
They expected you to be bad.

You fought back the tears and said you were sorry for being bad.
All these years.

You said you were scared of high school, that these
teachers would tell them how bad you were.
That they would hate you too. What if they hate me too mum?

You paused and then told me your art teacher was nice, you thought she might believe in you. Like your
footy coach and your Scout Leader. They made you feel good. But the rest eat you away inside.

Tears fell off your face and you squeaked to me that you tried and tried, you wanted to know why people
didn't believe in you.
Why other people were allowed to call you names, kick you, over look your good work.

I couldn't answer.
I am sorry my darling, I should of taken you out of this school
I can't explain why there are bullies and cowards that can hide in the ranks of teachers too.
I am so glad your art teacher believed in you.
I want to heal this incredible hurt you carry, kiss your anxieties away.

Today I asked your nice teacher to look after you. He admitted to me that the teachers don't like you.
It stabbed me in the heart.
Then she came into the room. The one who told the class about that award.
I asked her to give us some privacy. She wouldn't leave, even though she is a support teacher not your real teacher.
She scoffed at me and said something, she began shaking her finger at me.
It was then I had to speak for you - I knew it had to happen.
I stood up and named her behaviour.
Cowardice and Bullying.
I told it had to stop. Stop today.
She didn't care that she hurt you
It became all about her, how she needed respect, that you wouldn't give it to her.
She ran off.  I don't respect her either, respect is earnt.

I cried, your class teacher cried too. He promised to keep you safe from her. He believes in you too.

You are worthy
You get my top award
You are a great kid. The best.


Just Martha said...

Silence. How dare they! How dare they try to destroy someone so young, so vulnerable. He sounds more mature than the lot of them! How dare he carry the burden that adults dislike him. How dare they even project that. Be a lioness. Eat them alive. Take it further. Words fail me further.....

Catherine said...

Your poor boy Lynda. He should not have to be subjected to this, why do these teachers think they can abuse their power and treat a child like that it's disgusting. I hope he will be ok, it's so hard to be a child but to have to deal with this is so so wrong. That teacher shouldn't be allowed to teach. I'm so glad there will be someone to look out for him. Take care. xo

willywagtail said...

O my. I've seen it too, with my son. So much to give yet shut away from humanity by humanity and their bullying and cowardice. Now I have a 21 year old willing to go back to year 11 and have another go. I can only hope that this time the teachers will see his true potential. Hope next year is better for your son. Tell him I care please. Cherrie

Bron said...

Oh I am quite speechless...we are called to be our kids advocates and you have been the best for your son.
Be strong and continue to be that Mother Lion xxx

Unknown said...

Good on you Miss P. for standing up and telling that woman what you think. Yep she's a coward and a bully so her only solution was to run away when she was confronted. I would report her to whoever I could. Your son unfortunately will not be the last victim of this persons bullying.
What you should take comfort in is that your son actually came and told you what happened as this is really difficult for some kids to do. I think the healing process is much easier when you have some one to talk to and to help you understand what is actually going onand to understand that you are not the problem but that it is the teacher who has the problem.

Deb said...

Oh my darling boy. I am so angry for you. Sending you some hugs.
Auntie D