Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ta Da! The new ensuite

Our renovation has been completed and the 90's bulk is gone, succeeded by simple white, with a natural look charcoal tile on the floor that is divine but you can't really tell by the photo.

I love that there is no hideous white plastic shower base

And that the water comes out of the ceiling!

I did not install a permanent mirror so I can change the flavour 
according to my bedroom changes. I haven't found one yet not sure if
I will get something vintage or modern or classic or industrial looking.

I am having my first shower in my new ensuite today, I have new lovely handmade soap
a new fluffy towel and new shampoo. Utterly glamourous!


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

It all looks so luxurious and white and lovely. Lucky you!

Unknown said...

I love white bathrooms!

Catherine said...

Very, very nice. I love the clean, white look and that shower nozzle too. I bet you enjoy your bathroom now:) xo

Catherine said...

It's lovely! Enjoy! Cx

Bron said...

Oh how nice...we have one that really needs doing but it seems to scary a job to start....soon we will have to though. I love the simple white!

Miss Muggins said...

Simply gorgeous. Just perfect, enjoy it to pieces!
Teeny bit jealous, exactly the look I want for the small house, which is currently apricot and mint with gum blossom tiles!

Deb said...

Love the idea of changing the mirror to change the look. :)