Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have been running.
No not over hill and over dale. Just on my treadmill.
Yep, whilst the rest of the country was boozing and betting
on the Melbourne Cup, I hit my treadmill and astounded myself by 
running 20 minutes straight and clocking up 2km.

Now I realise that this is small potatoes for anyone that might 
have an iota of fitness in them and runs marathons etc, but for 
me, super sloth, it is huge!!!

What blew me away, and I am quite serious here, is how it affected
me.  I may as well of been boozing ! I felt high for the day - after 
stepping down from the treadmill I was racing around like 
a woman possessed, just like I had the day before (I had run 10 minutes
straight and clocked 1 km something I had never done before)....It was like
being on drugs, but good ones!!  

I did hit the wall later, I was chatting to a friend that evening, started off 
all chipper and zingy but felt like my batteries had run right out 
by the end of the call - I could feel everything slowing down like a record 
being played on slow speed - poor friend, hope she didn't think it was a reflection 
of her conversation!

So due to sore legs I rest for a few days and then I cannot wait to 
get some of that yummy feeling again. I'm feeling an addiction
coming on!

New goal : run a fun run for charity. Yeah!


Just Martha said...

Welcome to the club! Nice to be addicted to something. Good isn't it?

Deb said...

Haha was that me on the phone!? ;-)

Unknown said...

Wow, that is SO good...can't wait to hear updates of how far you have run... and how ' high ' you get!!
Have a happy weekend.

Catherine said...

Woo hoo you go girl:) Now can you send me some of that energy to go and exercise;) xo

Bron said...

Good on you....I have a husband that runs heaps and he is so much better for it....I am trying to hit the gym 4 morns a week phew! Can't wait to see how far you will be running next!

Melody said...

wow! That's awesome. Exercise has so many benefits. Keep it up, girl!

O meu pensamento viaja said...

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