Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finally crafting

So it finally happened, I got the old girl out

and she was happy to see me.

Martha is having a birthday next weekend, our rule is every second year
is a low key home party. Martha's party is at home and is a rainbow theme.
So rather than rushing out and buying stuff I looked around here and not surprisingly 
I found heaps of stuff to use.

 So I whizzed up some bunting and a table runner both to decorate

the party table

I have some of the fabric left over and have decided to make some more 
bunting for a friend's grand daughter and for Martha's teacher (she loves to
decorate her classroom - huh a blogger without even knowing it!). Much better
than returning it to the stash which desperately needs depleting , are you getting me ; )!

In the stash I found some cute Vintage style christmas fabric with 1950's style santas - so I am making 
some bunting for my Mum who adores this style of  "Santy" of "Father Christmas" as she 
calls him.

And I thought I would share a few buys with you all.
We have 5 birthdays in the next 2 weeks (how rude!) which meant
heaps of pressies to get, unfortunately most of these people just
don't get handmade, so off to the shops we go. 

Isn't this little Union Jack Blythe set cute!? 

And this little necklace and bracelet from Cotton On Kids
was a steal, under $12 for the set, the fimo type beads
are beautiful.

Back later with some more crafty goodness because there is heaps more 
to come!


Deb said...

Happy Birthday Ladybug. I cant believe our kids are 8! Time flies.
Love the bunting. We made birthday decorations for Goldilocks a few years ago too. Eco friendly decorations are awesome. :)

Teresa (Smeared and Creased) said...

Gorgeous Lynda! I look forward to seeing more!! I need to take some time to have a longer look at your blog - what I've seen so far is amazing - fun, touching and talent reside within. :) xx

Teresa (Smeared and Creased) said...

Lynda, I need to take some more time to have a look around. What I have seen so far is that your blog is amazing - a sense of fun, poignancy and talent reside within. :) xx

Catherine said...

You have been a very busy lady whipping up all of that cute bunting, I love it. We're the same with birthday parties in our house too, every second year is enough. And this year I talked my oldest out of having a party and waiting till next year when she turns 13, which makes next year a bit easier for me:) Have a good week. x