Monday, November 21, 2011

A day in Fitzroy Gardens

Recently I took the brood to Fitzroy Gardens, a beautiful garden right in the 
city of Melbourne. We had never been there in spite of living in Melbourne all these 
years.  One of the main attractions in this lush green gardens is "Cook's Cottage".
A cottage that Captain Cook, the explorer that discovered Australia, was born in. It
had been moved brick by brick and brought over here and rebuilt.
The last person who was born in the cottage was a lady in the early 20th Century, she was one of nine which was astounding as the place was tiny!

 Tully looking regal and naval!

The house is surrounded by gorgeous English cottage gardens

Fun poses!

This was the large room

A bedroom which actually resembled a cupboard

We have other photos but we will save them for another post


Catherine said...

It's always fun finding new places to explore near by. What a lovely gem to find:) How fascinating to see a bit of history like that. Have a wonderful week. xo

Deb said...

Cant believe I live in Melbourne and havent been here. I think I will take the kids next weekend. We love history trips! :-)