Sunday, October 2, 2011

Term 3 wrapped up

Term 3 was really busy, much busier than other terms. On top of our usual "stuff", we had additional tutors, additional weekly dance practices, school socials, projects, Scouting and Cub stuff , school camps and grade 2 sleep overs at school and HEAPS of 
dressing up days at school. I am sure the teachers just absolutely fell onto their couches
last week and just ate chocolate to allay the exhaustion!

There was Book Week that saw "Fancy Nancy" and "Rainbow Wizard" step 
off to school...The idea was to dress up as a book character, when Tullster was questioned
about "Rainbow Wizard" the reply came it was one of his own characters, awaiting publishing!

 The Extravaganza though was "the Restaurant Project"
Every second year the year 1/2 students make a "restaurant".

They research the country from which the restaurant represents, they look at the 
culture of that country, the type of food, they make the food,  restaurant job roles are
delegated and the "cuisine" is hand made, the restaurants are decorated.
Much learning is had.

Martha's grade did "The Rising Sun" Japanese Restaurant. 

I made Martha's kimono. I used my own pattern (feeling so clever!!)
Martha wanted a cherry blossom patterned fabric and blow me down if
we didn't find it at Lincraft for $3 a metre!! 
I made the Obi belt too and even looked up a "how to tie" tutorial 
on Youtube - so she  had a proper Obi belt!!! 

There were fabulous decorations

Martha was at the booking desk and felt very chuffed to have such 
an important role. Martha is most dedicated to the art of 
accessorising - I was amused to see this outfit did not
fail to be accessorised!

"Green Tea" came in jugs

paper rice noodles

And delicious looking Bento boxes.

It was a fabulous learning experience and one Martha just loved.
So much effort required from the teachers in a very, very taxing 
term 2. Thank you to those most dedicated teachers at our school. xx


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like so much fun!

Catherine said...

I love the rainbow wizard, your boy is so clever:) And Martha wow the restaurant looks fantastic. Good job Mum on the outfit it looks so pretty on her. I hope you're enjoying the holidays. I've decided to join Blogtoberfest too, it's going to be a challenge. xo