Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smiling the blues

I am smiling today. Smiling all the time. Not at anyone or anything.
Just keeping a smile on my face at all times.
Because smiling makes me feel good.
Smiling encourages smiling.
When we smile we are less likely to say mean things
or think mean thoughts.

I am smiling because it makes me feel good.
Smiling chases away negative thoughts I have about myself and that makes
me feel safe.
When I smile I feel an inner glow and my thoughts go straight to good things to consider.
Then I feel OK. Smiling DOES make you feel happy!

Smiling at you all xxxx


willywagtail said...

smiling uses less muscles than frowning too so it's an all round better thing to do. Thanks for the happy remindder. Cherrie

Deb said...

Smiling back at you. :-)

Catherine said...

It's such a good way of looking at things. Smiling does make you feel good. I love doing it to strangers at the shops, I love getting a smile back it does feel good. I'm glad you are smiling. xo