Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No place for yo-yos

Remember when I made a whole heap of yo-yos? 
I am still trying to find something to do with them!


Anonymous said...

They would look sweet filling a jar like you have there, maybe on a desk or shelf with a few more jars filled with buttons or just color coordinated jars of yoyos. Have a good day!

Catherine said...

They look very cute there on display:) I've seen a pillow covered in yo yos that looked quite cute. I hope you are having a great week. xo

danasparkle said...

hi nice to meet you miss P. thank you for your comment, dogs are super. love the name. i am impressed that you can maintain 3! blog sites, i have trouble with one. also i have never met anyone who knew the band "divine comedy" let alone liked them. i heard them when backpacking in UK in '96. another thing in common. i am big on recognising the small things that connect us all. have a lovely weekend with your family.

Robin Norgren said...

These look beautiful sitting under the glass I think! Popping over to say HELLO from blogtoberfest