Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Kindness of Knitter Sue

Thank you Sue for your generous gifts xx
There is a wonderful knitter in Blogland called Knitter Sue. Her knits are as 
amazing as they are prolific. A short while ago I decided I might give a 
certain knitting pattern a go, not being able to locate the size I needed I contacted
Sue for help.

And the help she gave me was most unexpected.
A week later a parcel arrived in the mail
with not one, but two amazing knits in the pattern
I was seeking! Her girl had just grown out of them and there
were no little sisters to pass them onto.

Now I am embarrassed to say this post is over due thanks to a 
missing camera and study commitments and I wanted to dedicate a post
just to Sue. Martha hasn't taken them off since they arrived and the 
quality of these cardigans are truly awe inspiring - i truly aspire to 
be the knitter Sue is.

But more importantly, it is the generosity that blew me away.

Sue, you are a beautiful and kind person. I truly hope things 
go your way very soon. Love and Blessings to you from us xxxxxx


CurlyPops said...

Gosh that is just so sweet. Blogland is amazing. Well done Knitter Sue!

Sue said...

Oh thank you for the wonderful post. I wasnt expecting it so I do feel a little teary now! Martha looks beautiful in her cardigan too and I am so happy that they are being worn with much love.

danasparkle said...

Thanx for sharing. We all need to hear wonderful stories of kindness like this. Yay to Sue and Yay for your daughter, looking so gorgie in the cardie.

Catherine said...

What a lovely gift! One to treasure! Cx

Deb said...

Love this cardigan. I wish I could knit. Sue sounds just lovely.