Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I do NOT {heart}. I Love

I have to say I think saying "I Heart" instead of "I LOVE"
is really
Why would you replace a word like Love .
It seems to me like the epitome of stupid. 
I heart you!
Sure use symbols like love hearts - that is cool, clever.  But replace the adjective 
with a noun? A feeling with a name?  What does this mean?  What type of "heart" are you directing at me?
Cow heart? Human heart? Are you just extending the use of one of your main organs
at me? Argh! Popular culture can be such an ass.

Does not Love deserve more from us?
Hasn't Love been good to us and promises us more?
Love is patient, Love is kind.
Love is perfect

Then why change its name!!!

No no no sireeee.  No " hearting" from me.

If you want my heart

 then you will need to show me 

xxxxx ( ahhh that's better and it even looks gentler)


Deb said...

oh this is very funny. I just started blogging again and one of my blogs has a list entitled "Blogs I {Heart}". Now that I think about it...it is pretty stupid! Why replace the word LOVE with a silly symbol? :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh how true! Why replace love

hester said...

I agree! You are a woman of such sense. Love is the answer. Love is the only true religion. Love is the answer to most questions. Let's call a spade a spade. Love is love and hearts (much as I love them) are hearts.

PS - thanks you so much for your loving, kind comment on my blog. It meant a lot.

Catherine said...

I totally agree. There are way too many of these silly modern ways of speaking and texting. You can't replace love can you:) xo

Bron said...

That is cool ...I agree!
Now have I done that at all...hmmm off to check!