Monday, October 3, 2011


Last week I our family saw Mr G and the younger 2 don some fancy
uniforms and head of for the Extravaganza 2011 Cuboree!!

Mr G is a Cub leader at our group along with a few other 
truly dedicated and energetic people. I am truly amazed at these guys
specifically how each week they aim at having a meeting that will not only 
be fun but a learning experience, which is accessible to all CUBS regardless
of gender, ability or culture background.

Cuboree 2011 saw around 3200 Cubs meet up for a 
big camping experience. Doesn't that sound mind blowing? Conjuring 
fears of everything that could go wrong, in even the most crusiest parent. But I am assured that to call
it a "well oiled machine" is an understatement.

In addition to having the perfect balance of amenities, there are places such as the
"Care Bear Castle", a place that Cubs who might be feeling a little homesick or sad, can go
for some extra TLC.  At Care Bear Castle Cubs could be assured of some soothing
reassurance and nuturing. I had it on good authority the camp activities were so
good, stays at the Castle were kept to a minimum!  

Cuboree was manned by hundreds of volunteers both Leaders, Venturers (older scouts)
 and parent helpers. Their needs weren't over looked either with the provision of 
a "time out" tent - focussed on adult welfare. An adult could go an sit in some comfy
chairs, eat chocolate, chat with other adults or not - all without kiddies.

The week was wet, I mean really wet with record rain levels and storms.
But the Camp went on, designed to cope with such minor challenges as wet weather.

When the bus pulled in i was struck with how EVERYONE was all smiles and 
couldn't wait to tell their stories of fun and adventure.  I was particularly struck, as I am each time 
I see a pile of campers clamber off the coach that brings them home, by the look 
of self satisfaction on each Cub or scouts face.  You can tell that they have faced challenges
and taken them on to the best of their abilities and it is that which fuels their satisfaction
not necessarily whether they succeeded or not. Truly the journey not the destination stuff!

As I read through some emails from parents of our Cub group, expressing 
their gratitude and relief that their child had the time of their life and
how they will no longer be as worried etc etc - I know that risks are 
worth taking with our kids.

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