Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogtober Day #4

Every year my kids love going to the Royal Melbourne Show.
So off I send them with Mr G.
I hate big crowds you see, my memories of 
going to the Canberra Show (one which ran over 3 days) herald 
memories of crowds, dust or mud and major personal discomfort.

So I don't usually go

But this year I did!

There were some gross traditions. Hello heart attacks on a stick!

Lots of colour and rides to be ridden. Angus, kid #1 and I made a HUGE
mistake by riding a VERY scary ride which took many, many, many minutes 
to recovery.

There were stinky animals

And dollies on sticks - Miss M loved this!

The slide was chosen by all who witnessed Angus 
and I cheating death on the previous ride, as a much more
sensible option.  Martha looked hilarious coming down the slide 
full pelt, leading the charge with her dolly on a stick. 
Yes, it did occur to me the potential danger in allowing this - parent of the year here!

Over all it was pretty good fun and I enjoyed the craft pavilion immensely, but sorry no 
photos there. Have you ever entered an item in the show? How did it go?
Should we consider doing next year?


Catherine said...

Going to the show was the highlight of the year with the girls. I used to love going as a child but these days it's the same thing mostly each time we go. It looks like all of you had a great time, and each time I go to the show a dagwood dog is always on my list of things to eat! I've never entered anything in the show but I think it would be quite fun. You should give it a go for sure. xo

Bron said...

Good for you taking the family...we are not so brave much prefer other less crowded ,inexpensive options. Does look like you had fun.

Selene said...

Hi! We love the show up here (Brisbane), your post looks almost the same as mine from our day there in August, lol! Love the blog, and good luck to us both for Blogtoberfest!