Thursday, October 6, 2011

At my book club

If any of my book club members read this they will laugh at the nerve of me as I have hardly read any of the books since joining them - not enough time, subjects that don't interest me, boring, boring, boring books -I just can't afford the time to persevere with a crappy book. BUT this one was great.

I saw the movie some years ago and loved that - gorgeous Eric Banna in the lead role - it was a good flick. But now I have read the book I am a little annoyed with the movie. For one thing I felt the mother was portrayed as a slovenly, promiscuous, hopeless mother instead of the incredibly ill woman she was how suffered incredibly with a psychotic illness and was plagued constantly with auditory hallucinations and paranoia.  Both parents had experienced the horrors of Nazi Germany and then had the Australian 1950's migrant experience which was appalling and degrading too.  The father's mental health seemed to be glossed over too in the movie.

I enjoyed this book, it was interesting if you consider multiculturalism in this country and are able to consider what things were like in the 1970's. 80's and now....


'Joyce' said...

Hullo Miss Prudence, I have not seen the movie, nor read the book, but it's 'on my list'. lol. I look forward to your Blogtober fest. I won't be joining in myself this year, but I look forward to reading all the other wonderful posts.

Catherine said...

It sounds like an interesting book read. It's always a shame when the movie doesn't reflect the book well, glad you enjoyed it though:) x