Monday, October 31, 2011

Farewell October, thanks for the blogging

And so Blogtober finishes.

I somehow managed 21 posts and visited 
many wonderful blogs, made new friends (hi lovely taylor made to name 
one!) Now it's onward to Christmas and summer days.

But for the meantime, I will enjoy the last month of 
Spring, with you all, my friends.

Thank you Tinniegirl for once again hosting the event,
the usual suspects for generating the love and all the 
new bloggers for jumping in and meeting up in the 

Happy day people, happy day xxx

Sunday, October 30, 2011

another renno

This little eyesore is my / our ensuite. As you can see by the size 
it is very IKEA!  
This week it is gone baby!
Well not, just redone in a more tasteful kind of way.

Ok so I gave up cleaning the shower cos 
I knew it was being ripped out...
 Mmmm, 90's bluk!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Linking up with Paisley Jade

"Things I am loving"

That bananas are once again affordable and 
that aging bananas are going cheap again 
which means banana bread is back on the menu.

It also means Queensland farmers are 
back in business again.

I am so loving and feeling ultra excited about a new project I am
involved with at work.  As many of you know I work in Mental
Health Recovery.  Our service has partnered up with another service
that runs a garden in the local community. Here are some
of their amazing garden sculptures. I cannot wait to get
into the garden and earth myself!

And finally, I am loving that my thoughtful and caring husband, asked
me to make him a card for a lady he works with. This lovely lady has
recently found out that the disease she thought she had beaten has returned and
with a vengeance. She is now leaving work to get the most out of her life.
Our thoughts and prayers are with this beautiful person and her family.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Book Club

This month at my book club we are reading this.
It is wonderful.
As you read, you read in that soft southern lilt that Alabamians have.
Truman Capote writes with such a lyrical flair that feels genteel and
yet an amusing yarn unwinds. 
I love it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PARDON THE MESS BUT MY BLOG IS HAVING A MAKE OVER.....once I get my I T guy onto it! 

Note to self : I am not a boffin girl, I am not a boffin girl - I must not try things outside my ability ! LOL

I do NOT {heart}. I Love

I have to say I think saying "I Heart" instead of "I LOVE"
is really
Why would you replace a word like Love .
It seems to me like the epitome of stupid. 
I heart you!
Sure use symbols like love hearts - that is cool, clever.  But replace the adjective 
with a noun? A feeling with a name?  What does this mean?  What type of "heart" are you directing at me?
Cow heart? Human heart? Are you just extending the use of one of your main organs
at me? Argh! Popular culture can be such an ass.

Does not Love deserve more from us?
Hasn't Love been good to us and promises us more?
Love is patient, Love is kind.
Love is perfect

Then why change its name!!!

No no no sireeee.  No " hearting" from me.

If you want my heart

 then you will need to show me 

xxxxx ( ahhh that's better and it even looks gentler)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things that I am loving....

Linking in with Paisley Jade

My trademark for the past 25 years - really black sunglasses, usually over sized 

Loving coming to work to find that one of my beautiful colleagues has left 
my op shop fabric treasure on my desk as a surprise!

Very vintage fruit cake tin

Polka dots are taking over my kitchen. Joy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seeking wisdom for my girl

Last night I lay with my dear little daughter before I turned out her light. I listened to her tell me her worries and to my pain there were many.

She was worried that if she kept chewing her nails and surrounding skin, she would never have lovely hands when she grew up....sadly this was my stupid warning I sounded to her when I saw her bleeding little fingers and whilst she is having trouble breaking this habit, I now foolishly implanted fear in her. Last week she decided to give up ballet - another girl is being openly hostile to her and called her fat : we recently caught her doing sit ups and refusing to finish her small meals. This little girl in question has some problems with other little girls in other classes, so I know this is true.

Through tears, she told me of a "friend" at school who promised to invite her to her birthday party only to discover the party was Tuesday just gone and she never got an invite. Another friend was giving her the silent treatment and she just didn't understand why all this was happening. She felt so lonely and just wanted some true friends. 

Now this all rang bells for me and I know there are certain skills and ideas I need to give her. I also realise now I have a girl that is far less resilient than I thought and I must be careful with what ideas or careless comments that impart from me.  We have had a big talk about ballet and there was more to it, she was feeling tired of it and wants to try tennis. So OK, tennis it is and then onto what grabs her interest next.

But, I can tell you I am scared.
Scared of repeating foolish mistakes my mother and father made. Scared I might be missing something, or maybe over reacting. Fear is really gripping me. Fear for the pain my little girl may be facing.
I can see it, feel it - history repeating and whilst I cannot shield her from everything and she will need to
experience some tough stuff to build strength - I must do what I can to prevent needless pain. Of course this might just blow over and it will all OK next week.

Oh how her little tears burnt into my heart. I will worry all night now. That's ok - it is what mummies do and I will most willingly lose sleep for her, if I thought it would get me closer to a solution and to restore the harmony in her life. I think that might be a bit too easy though.

I am a bit stuck , what to do about the friend thing - I need to help equip her with skills that are used for building friendships.  Friendship should be easy and I want her to have the confidence to not settle for questionable friends and see herself as a worthy friend. This is such a dilemma,  I  am really concerned about what course of action to take.

How do you foster friendships with your children? Have any of you bee faced with this problem, what did you do?  I would really value any pearls of wisdom here.

xxMiss Prudence

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A bit of bit of paper craft

I haven't made a card in what feels like forever! I have had this stamp set hanging around
for months unused! It is so 1950's vintage I love it!  Just a quick card, I love the harsh 
black ink on the power pink gives it an extra vintage look.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Kindness of Knitter Sue

Thank you Sue for your generous gifts xx
There is a wonderful knitter in Blogland called Knitter Sue. Her knits are as 
amazing as they are prolific. A short while ago I decided I might give a 
certain knitting pattern a go, not being able to locate the size I needed I contacted
Sue for help.

And the help she gave me was most unexpected.
A week later a parcel arrived in the mail
with not one, but two amazing knits in the pattern
I was seeking! Her girl had just grown out of them and there
were no little sisters to pass them onto.

Now I am embarrassed to say this post is over due thanks to a 
missing camera and study commitments and I wanted to dedicate a post
just to Sue. Martha hasn't taken them off since they arrived and the 
quality of these cardigans are truly awe inspiring - i truly aspire to 
be the knitter Sue is.

But more importantly, it is the generosity that blew me away.

Sue, you are a beautiful and kind person. I truly hope things 
go your way very soon. Love and Blessings to you from us xxxxxx

Monday, October 17, 2011

That really hurt

That really hurt.  Multi tasking is risky business. 
I slipped from the top step to the bottom step.
I was on my way to the laundry, talking on the phone and getting ready
for my friend's son's 21st, whilst cooking dinner.
I didn''t have time to stop and care.
Like any good woman, I was depended upon to be somewhere.
I kept going. I refused to acknowledge the incident.

Two days later I can't move. 
Ouch.....I should of gotten an ice pack then.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smiling the blues

I am smiling today. Smiling all the time. Not at anyone or anything.
Just keeping a smile on my face at all times.
Because smiling makes me feel good.
Smiling encourages smiling.
When we smile we are less likely to say mean things
or think mean thoughts.

I am smiling because it makes me feel good.
Smiling chases away negative thoughts I have about myself and that makes
me feel safe.
When I smile I feel an inner glow and my thoughts go straight to good things to consider.
Then I feel OK. Smiling DOES make you feel happy!

Smiling at you all xxxx

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things I am loving.....

Joining in with Paisley Jade

Loving taking time out to blow bubbles 

And jump for joy

Accepting an adoring gaze

Accepting reassurance from my big boy each and every time I 
show a slightly, mildly, teeny tiny bit of frantic emotion about him going to high school
next, growing up or losing my baby.  The words "Mum, you've still
got me" accompanied by a hug and kiss are REALLY good. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No place for yo-yos

Remember when I made a whole heap of yo-yos? 
I am still trying to find something to do with them!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bad Retro

Playboy Logo

The above symbol represents Playboy magazine. Now whatever you might want to say, Playboy magazine is Porn. Porn is Porn, soft / hard whatever. This rabbit symbol symbolises pornography. Porn is for adults only. Yes?

Now that I have established that, I want to ask you dear bloggers and I am deadly serious, 
Do you think that a Pornographic symbol such as playboy bunny jewellery is 
OK for CHILDREN to wear?

NO I do not either. But  DIVA jewellery shops think it is OK for little girls to be emblazoned with 
pornographic symbols.  They are selling Playboy Bunny jewellery as a children's line of jewellery! They have been approached by concerned groups to remove the line but they have REFUSED and continue to sell the jewellery to children.

Sure, it would be up to the adult to buy it for the child. But there would be some adults that would without truly considering was the symbol really means. Also it is retro and foolishly some may think that there is no harm in it, let the kiddies have it - it no longer means anything but a bit of fun. Wrong!

The Famous Logo Website tells that the symbol, used since the 1950's, denotes a "sexual connotation", "playful and sexy".  Hmmmm, they make no bones about it. And I am pretty sure the Playboy mob would agree it Playboy brand is for Adults not children. 

If you think it is wrong, yes I mean WRONG that children could be actually labelled with 
jewellery that suggests they are "playful and sexy", marked clearly with sexual connotation, then go and sign a petition, write to DIVA jewellery and express your concerns. I did and I informed them I no longer a customer. You might do the same. Little girls, all children in fact are faced with so many challenges to having an uncomplicated and safe childhood, this is one easy thing we can do. We use our consumer power and it is power, we use our voice and tell them NO our community will not accept this.  Diva did respond to my complaint in a very lack lustre manner stating no offence was meant. I have retorted by saying "but you have offended me and put children at risk, please remove the line"...let's see what happens.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

At my book club

If any of my book club members read this they will laugh at the nerve of me as I have hardly read any of the books since joining them - not enough time, subjects that don't interest me, boring, boring, boring books -I just can't afford the time to persevere with a crappy book. BUT this one was great.

I saw the movie some years ago and loved that - gorgeous Eric Banna in the lead role - it was a good flick. But now I have read the book I am a little annoyed with the movie. For one thing I felt the mother was portrayed as a slovenly, promiscuous, hopeless mother instead of the incredibly ill woman she was how suffered incredibly with a psychotic illness and was plagued constantly with auditory hallucinations and paranoia.  Both parents had experienced the horrors of Nazi Germany and then had the Australian 1950's migrant experience which was appalling and degrading too.  The father's mental health seemed to be glossed over too in the movie.

I enjoyed this book, it was interesting if you consider multiculturalism in this country and are able to consider what things were like in the 1970's. 80's and now....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogtober Day #4

Every year my kids love going to the Royal Melbourne Show.
So off I send them with Mr G.
I hate big crowds you see, my memories of 
going to the Canberra Show (one which ran over 3 days) herald 
memories of crowds, dust or mud and major personal discomfort.

So I don't usually go

But this year I did!

There were some gross traditions. Hello heart attacks on a stick!

Lots of colour and rides to be ridden. Angus, kid #1 and I made a HUGE
mistake by riding a VERY scary ride which took many, many, many minutes 
to recovery.

There were stinky animals

And dollies on sticks - Miss M loved this!

The slide was chosen by all who witnessed Angus 
and I cheating death on the previous ride, as a much more
sensible option.  Martha looked hilarious coming down the slide 
full pelt, leading the charge with her dolly on a stick. 
Yes, it did occur to me the potential danger in allowing this - parent of the year here!

Over all it was pretty good fun and I enjoyed the craft pavilion immensely, but sorry no 
photos there. Have you ever entered an item in the show? How did it go?
Should we consider doing next year?

Monday, October 3, 2011


Last week I our family saw Mr G and the younger 2 don some fancy
uniforms and head of for the Extravaganza 2011 Cuboree!!

Mr G is a Cub leader at our group along with a few other 
truly dedicated and energetic people. I am truly amazed at these guys
specifically how each week they aim at having a meeting that will not only 
be fun but a learning experience, which is accessible to all CUBS regardless
of gender, ability or culture background.

Cuboree 2011 saw around 3200 Cubs meet up for a 
big camping experience. Doesn't that sound mind blowing? Conjuring 
fears of everything that could go wrong, in even the most crusiest parent. But I am assured that to call
it a "well oiled machine" is an understatement.

In addition to having the perfect balance of amenities, there are places such as the
"Care Bear Castle", a place that Cubs who might be feeling a little homesick or sad, can go
for some extra TLC.  At Care Bear Castle Cubs could be assured of some soothing
reassurance and nuturing. I had it on good authority the camp activities were so
good, stays at the Castle were kept to a minimum!  

Cuboree was manned by hundreds of volunteers both Leaders, Venturers (older scouts)
 and parent helpers. Their needs weren't over looked either with the provision of 
a "time out" tent - focussed on adult welfare. An adult could go an sit in some comfy
chairs, eat chocolate, chat with other adults or not - all without kiddies.

The week was wet, I mean really wet with record rain levels and storms.
But the Camp went on, designed to cope with such minor challenges as wet weather.

When the bus pulled in i was struck with how EVERYONE was all smiles and 
couldn't wait to tell their stories of fun and adventure.  I was particularly struck, as I am each time 
I see a pile of campers clamber off the coach that brings them home, by the look 
of self satisfaction on each Cub or scouts face.  You can tell that they have faced challenges
and taken them on to the best of their abilities and it is that which fuels their satisfaction
not necessarily whether they succeeded or not. Truly the journey not the destination stuff!

As I read through some emails from parents of our Cub group, expressing 
their gratitude and relief that their child had the time of their life and
how they will no longer be as worried etc etc - I know that risks are 
worth taking with our kids.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Term 3 wrapped up

Term 3 was really busy, much busier than other terms. On top of our usual "stuff", we had additional tutors, additional weekly dance practices, school socials, projects, Scouting and Cub stuff , school camps and grade 2 sleep overs at school and HEAPS of 
dressing up days at school. I am sure the teachers just absolutely fell onto their couches
last week and just ate chocolate to allay the exhaustion!

There was Book Week that saw "Fancy Nancy" and "Rainbow Wizard" step 
off to school...The idea was to dress up as a book character, when Tullster was questioned
about "Rainbow Wizard" the reply came it was one of his own characters, awaiting publishing!

 The Extravaganza though was "the Restaurant Project"
Every second year the year 1/2 students make a "restaurant".

They research the country from which the restaurant represents, they look at the 
culture of that country, the type of food, they make the food,  restaurant job roles are
delegated and the "cuisine" is hand made, the restaurants are decorated.
Much learning is had.

Martha's grade did "The Rising Sun" Japanese Restaurant. 

I made Martha's kimono. I used my own pattern (feeling so clever!!)
Martha wanted a cherry blossom patterned fabric and blow me down if
we didn't find it at Lincraft for $3 a metre!! 
I made the Obi belt too and even looked up a "how to tie" tutorial 
on Youtube - so she  had a proper Obi belt!!! 

There were fabulous decorations

Martha was at the booking desk and felt very chuffed to have such 
an important role. Martha is most dedicated to the art of 
accessorising - I was amused to see this outfit did not
fail to be accessorised!

"Green Tea" came in jugs

paper rice noodles

And delicious looking Bento boxes.

It was a fabulous learning experience and one Martha just loved.
So much effort required from the teachers in a very, very taxing 
term 2. Thank you to those most dedicated teachers at our school. xx