Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some making making

I actually did some sewing yesterday, but that is not all. No bloggers I wake up today a more accomplished sewer than ever, yes I do. Do you remember mr G gave me an overlocker for Christmas? Well I was a little overwhelmed at the idea of threading it and I misplaced the instructional DVD (me lose something? Never LOL!) Good ol you tube to the rescue and voila! Overlocker threaded AND it worked! Ok so I need to tweak it more, but it does the basic functions.

So yesterday I made myself a skirt using the betsy kingston market skirt pattern - I used up some old cord and put a contrasting frill on it, a 50c doily for bling and done! There is a pattern for a Martha size skirt too so  she will get a market skirt today as well.

Next I solved a messy storage problem. Miss Moo has a cut IKEA bookcase in her room that is packed with LOTS of treasure and looks something like this

Hey it is school holidays so yup there is junk on the floor - she likes to play! So I figured a pretty curtain might provide a cover up.

I was going to go nuts with ric rac and braids, full on embellishments - but 
I didn't have any in pinks - well that needs to be rectified!

So I added a few ruffles and voila again (I was feeling very french yesterday hence all the voilaS!)  It looks pretty cute huh? But add to my must have list : ruffle foot.

Then last night I joined some lovely ladies at  SAY (stitch and yarn) group.
I was a bit sewn out so I packed up my Licorice All sort granny stripe rug 
inspired by Paisley Jade. My middle boy AKA Rainbow Boy went a little mad for one - so here is my version thus far which will eventually be his.
Had a wonderful evening meeting and chatting to some amazing crafters and sewers. 
Thanks girls - see you in a fortnight!


Kelly said...

I love that market skirt pattern, and your new skirt looks fantastic - love the doily bling!

Catherine said...

Your skirt is so pretty. I love the colours and the doily, very nice and your girl will definitely be putting her hand up for one:) Your blanket is looking good, love the name of it too, licorice alsorts.

Catherine said...

Very industrious! Lots of gorgeous work being done! Really, really, really love the skirt! Cx