Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Vintage Treasures

It's Tuesday and time for a Vintage Treasure.

This Lady is a wall vase, she has a polka dot kerchief in black and white, the flowers in her basket have been gathered from the field during a windy spring walk.
She once belonged to my Nana, my other Nana, Vera. As a child I used to love looking at all the china treasures in a buffet unit above her bench (very 60's arrangement style living). This lovely lady shared a space with some more expensive ladies, but I loved her the best, there was also a little white and black spotty dog who very obediently sat on a little china Louis V chair - my Aunt reclaimed him.

This lady now sits on my tall boy in my boudoir. Not particularly valuable in term on monetary terms but valuable to me.

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