Monday, July 11, 2011

The Leila Howard Challenge

I haven't blogged much about my own challenge  "The Leila Howard" test kitchen challenge, of cooking through the old Women's Weekly cook book. I must say some recipes have been 1970's awful, but some are pretty good.

Meat Loaf, key ingredient would be mustard powder - man did Leila LOVE mustard powder and I have to say it works! I did add a few things such as spinach and I used a mixture of veal and beef mince. A big win with the creatures!

Next winner was the good old Bread and Butter pud.  


Kelly said...

I have never attempted a bread and butter pudding before - but yours looks SO GOOD! It must be the cold weather because puddings are just too tempting at the moment :-P

Amy said...

I was thinking of making Bread and Butter pudding last week, I have never made it before. I might just make attempt it tonight after seeing how delicious yours looks.

Melody ♪♫ said...

"What Would Leila Do?"
I've got an old cookbook from the hubs' grandma that has 52 Sunday dinners. I've been thinking about trying them out.